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Jul 19, 2011 11:00pm EDT
to. >>> a protester rushed towards rupert murdoch today. the man tried to hit him with a shaving cream pie calling him a greedy billionaire. is white spring to action. he was unmoved i a string of apologies. >> this is the most humble day of my life. it is a great regret of mine and everyone at news corporation. >> they shut down their british tabloid after reports that employees illegally hacked into the voicemail of celebrities, politicians and a 13 -year-old murder victim. >>> while that case is grabbing headlines worldwide, phone hacking is more common than you might think. you can help protect your personal information. mobile security experts say hundreds of thousands of phone users are falling victim as hackers begin to turn their attention to cell phones. >> people are realizing their phones or computers and the data on them has become digital currency. voice bill is one thing, but think about your location, your banking information, work information, corporate information, documents, that all is in incredibly valuable. >> the attackers are getting valuable information by
Jul 14, 2011 11:00pm EDT
will be held in august. >> there were protests in new york today after the fbi is looking into murdoch's company. that after accusations they tried to hack the phones of september 11th victims. his companies are also under investigation in britain where they have been accused of hacking phone records and e- mail accounts. it shut down news of the world. they are not commenting on the investigation into the september 11 victims. >>> ride to remember is back on. it was almost crossing outcome crossing, cumberland. so many complained, phone calls to the state highway administration and the governor's office, foundation officials say the route will travel through queen city. it'll bring about 10,000 on august 18th through the 20th. the ride honor first responders and the victims of 9/11. >> temperatures falling out there from over the 80s earlier, low 70s now, even 60s north and west. i think 50s around daybreak tomorrow in our northern and western suburbs, cool, down to 61 but places like northern baltimore, out toward carroll and -- those areas talking at daybreak upper 50s. nice rebo
Jul 17, 2011 11:00pm EDT
had no knowledge of this. >> we will see in the coming days if murdoch can keep his global empire. >> buffer or by freeway is now is now open again -- the 405 is now open again. a caught stealing million dollars and they will get extra pay for getting the job done curlyhaired there have -- done early and not having carmageddon. >> it looks like they got the message be they not only did nike in their car, a frankly do not leave their homes. >> that would be like a -- like shutting 95 down. >>> the crew of the space shuttle atlanta has reason to celebrate. their main computer has been repaired. atlantis is due back to earth on thursday. >>> was offering the ipaq for $70 but it turns out it was a big mistake. the computer typically sells for $750 so that would have been a bargain. >> a dollar for your thoughts on this one could look what happens when someone went into a dollar store. >>> air was nice for the night and most of the day by the heat is back on. we'll take a look at our sweltering country. >> yesterday we were okay and today we came in around 91 degrees. it wil
Jul 29, 2011 11:00pm EDT
to at murdoch is convicted of assault. his wife stepped in and smacked down. he will be sentenced next week. >>> one last look at the forecast. >> we will be hot again. not as hotsa today and we won't be as humid but you will still feel the humidity. >> you will. >> the temperature high at 4:00 around 95 degrees. as we push into the seven day forecast the 90s will stick with us and the high temperature for this time of the year is a round 87 so the 90s will still keep on average. >> we will be rack after this. . >>> that's all for us tonight. you can get the latest online at abc when we aren't here you do there. see you. w is on or the game or there's an emergency and you need to know so you turn on your local tv and it's gone. right now, congressional action may threaten the local tv you rely on. millions could lose access to free local news. others could lose their hd unless congress protects local tv. tell congress: protect local tv.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4